Colloid Mill Machine

JM-F/L series colloid mill is manufactured by introducing the newest technology abroad. It is a new equipment for wet particulate processing and can be used in emulsification , mixing and grinding all kinds of semi-liquid, liquid, emulsion .materials and so on.


Colloid Mill Machine

Colloid Mill Machine is a fine-fluid materials processing machinery. And it combines a homogenizer, ball mill, three roll machine, shearing machines, mixers and other machinery of a variety of performance, Moreover, it is with excellent ultra grinding, emulsification, homogenization, mixing and other effects. Finally, Materials through processing, and the particle size of 2 to 50 microns, more than 90% Homogeneity, is the ideal equipment for processing of ultrafine particles.

» Colloid Mill Application

This machine is applied for wet material super fine crushing in trades such as pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical and others trades, suitable for emulsifying, mixing and crushing all kinds of semi-moist or emulsions materials. Its main technique parameters have reached the international advanced standard.

» The Structure

  • JM-F/M type colloid mill is composed of the head mill parts, transmission parts on the base and motor parts.
  • All parts materials are high quality stainless steel.
  • Active and static abrasive discs are the key parts.
  • The tooth shape can be different owing to different natures of the materials while all the abrasive discs are all made of stainless steel.
  • Motor is designed according to colloid mill’s particular demand, and fixed water-block tray in the flange to avoid leakage.

» Main Technical Parameter

 Model JMS-50 JMS-80 JMS-110 JMS-130
 Final size of products 2-50
 Capacity (t/h) 0.005-0.03 0.1-0.5 0.3-1.2 0.4-2.0
 Main power (KW) 1.5/1.1 4 7.5 11/15
 Length (mm) 520 685 700 975
 Width (mm) 250 335 430 456
 Height (mm) 555 928 1000 1054
 Weight (kg) 70 210 300 400