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Automatic Filling Line

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Automatic Filling Line

JBEN offer automatic filling line integrates bottle washing, filling, capping, shrink sleeve labeling and packaging.

  1. Produce Capacity: 1000BPH-20000BPH (According to customers)
  2. Filling Material: water, juice, carbonated drink, soft drink, milk, wine, yogurt, wine, tea, beverages and so on.
  3. Filling Container: Plastic bottles, Glass bottles, Gallon, Barrel, Jar, Bags, Pouch etc.
  4. Application: Fruit Juice Processing Line , Carbonated Drink Production Line , Milk Production Equipment , Yogurt Processing Equipment

What’s more, This filling line provide a complete material return system and the filling is fast, steady and accurate in the line. In Addition, it can also realize independent return gas flow during reflow, and do not touch with material. further, it is also can reduce secondary pollution and oxidation of materials.