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Liquid Filling Equipment

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Liquid Filling Equipment

This liquid filling equipment is an automatic filling machine suitable for quantitative of any kind of viscous liquid from water to paste. In Addition, it adopts straight filling and the filling type can be plunger type or dosing pump.

  • Produce Capacity: according to customer
  • Automatic: Fully automatic / Semi automatic
  • Filling Material: cooking oil, edible oil, coconut oil, honey, jam, sauce and so on
  • Filling Container: plastic bottle, gallon,  bag, cup, sachet etc.
  • This machine can connect with PET Bottle Blowing Machine and Packaging And Labeling Machine directly.

Moreover, we can according to your demand to help you choose the suitable filling machine. Finally, the whole process is automated, compared with other brands, the output of the filling machine is higher with greater efficiency.