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PET Bottle Blowing Machine

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PET Bottle Blowing Machine

PET bottle blowing machine is the most stable two step blow molding machine of our factory, Moreover, it is from one cavity to six cavity, and it can blow bottles of different capacity. What’s more, it is suitable for the production of plastic bottles of various shapes. ( Most importantly, the bottle shape can according to your demand to design)

  • Container Volume: 100ml-20L
  • Produce Capacity: 500 BPH – 10000BPH
  • Container Material:PET/PP/HDPE/PE/PC
  • Applicationmineral water bottle, cosmetic bottle, beveage bottles, cooking oils bottles, pesticide bottles, hot-filling bottles and other plastic containers.

In Addition, this Bottle blowing machine shows the advantage of power saving, low defective rate, high speed, stability and easy operation. Finally, this machine can connect with Beverage Filling Machine directly.

PET bottle blowing machine sample