Fruit Juice Processing Line

This Fruit Juice Processing Line is widely application to produce apple juice, blueberry juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, mango juice, lemon juice, cherry juice, prune juice, cranberry juice, carrot juice, kiwi juice, peach juice, pear juice, and strawberry juice,etc. We provide a comprehensive range of services right from processing and storage to transport and packing of various kinds of shape and style, in order to offering the specific juice with original nutrition, color, and flavor of the fruit.

The complete fruit juice processing line possesses including the fruit pretreatment system, water treatment system, sugar blending system, degassing homogenization sterilization system, CIP cleaning system, bottle blowing machine system, bottle shaker system, air delivery, juice filling machine, secondary sterilization system, sleeve labeling machine , drying machine, jet printer, film charter, transportation, boilers and so on.

The degree of automation can be configured according to customer requirements. We provide the technology process, the layout design of workshop and the entire technical guidance.

≡ Production Line Process

Fruit Washing Machine→ Fruit Sorter→ preheating machine→ Pulping Machine→ spiral juice extractor→ Belt Filter Press→ Ultrafiltration→ Mixing Tank→ High Pressure Homogenizer→ Vacuum Degasser→ Vacuum Evaporation Machine→ UHT Sterilizer→ Hot Filling Machine→ Continuous Spraying Sterilizer→Shrink—Plastic Casing Labe Machine→ Wrap Around Case Packer.

fruit juice processing line

≡ Product

Raw material
Fresh Orange, Lemon, Citrus, Pomelo, Grapefruit
End product
NFC Fresh Nature Juice, juice Concentrate, oil, orange Pulp, cyst
Production capacity
Output percentage
Solid content
7~12 brix
Packing type for end product 
Aseptic Bag/glass Bottle/pet Bottle /gable Top Box/Tetra Pak
fruit juice processing line

≡ Packing

In order to gain a good competitive advantage in a highly competitive market, the The packaging must be attractive, original and with a strong product identity, to offer good visibility in an increasingly competitive market. As well as the aesthetic appearance, functional and ergonomic aspects also play an important role.

PET is the preferred packaging material, it is transparent like glass but it is light-weight, unbreakable and can easily be customised into a wide variety of shapes. and it is our usually packing material. What’s more, According to customer requirements, choosing packaging form, such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans and so on.



  • It can apply to fill hot fruit juice, tea and other beverage into thermal proof PET bottle by changing few spare parts.

  • The production capacity of the fruits juice production line is 2 to 6 T/h

  • This production line can treat the fruit with similar characteristics, such as pear. Adjusted some specific process equipment of the production line, can satisfy different needs of fruit juice with different kinds of characteristics.

  • The sterilization system realizes the automation of the disinfectant concentration and effectively guarantees the effect of the sterilization.

  • Use efficient Belt Filter Press to boost the juice yield. Concentrate in low temperature, greatly reduce the losses of flavor and nutrients.

  • The whole processing line was controlled by PLC system, operation easy and save labor greatly.

Juice Pretreatment Equipments

For Fruit Juice Procesing Line

A complete juice processing line is composed of fruit sorter, washer, elevator, crusher, pulping machine, juice extractor, concentrator, sterilizer, filler, etc.

Fruit Juice Processing Line Equipments

For bottle bottling line

Fruit Juice Processing Line

JBEN Machinery can provide turn-key production line from bottle making to filling and packaging. the whole process the automatic and these lines is widely used for mineral water,fruit  juice, soft drink, milk, yogurt, carbonated drink and so on beverage. for more information, welcome to contact us.

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