The beverage filling machine mainly adopts the fully enclosed sealing window, the filling area is isolated from the rinsing area, and the filling part can be partially purified to ensure the environment of the filling area meets the requirements for medium temperature filling. The beverage filling machine uses a SEW reducer and a coupling to transmit power together to ensure stable operation of the main engine. So what do we need to do when the beverage filling machine runs unsteadily during the operation?

Let’s analyze the unsteady running of the beverage filling machine as follows:

  1. Can not be detected, the phenomenon is unstable waveform, or there is no small valley, or a straight line. Detecting the hanging ink or connecting with the charging ink, clean the nozzle.
  2. The breakpoint is not good. The phenomenon is that the waveform is unstable, or there is no small valley, the nozzle is slightly blocked, the nozzle is cleaned or the pressure point frequency is adjusted.
  3. The phase detection board burns out. The phenomenon is good or bad when the information is sprayed. The phase parameter changes greatly. There is no waveform or the previous full screen waveform. Replace the phase plate.
  4. The high voltage is too large, the phase is disturbed, the phase is not open, and the high voltage waveform is normal. After the high voltage is turned on, the waveform is disordered, and the small set is adjusted to ensure positive and negative high pressure drying.

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